“SMEs are the backbone of many developing countries”

Small & medium Enterprise plays a vital role in developing countries economic growth, but SMEs faces many errors in growing their business, one of the errors is HR error, handling Human resources with their core business to maintain the growth of company and retained their best employment its being a difficult task, which leads to employee turnover.

ADVAMPS HR for SMEs provides you a complete HR package to speed up your business, it will reduce your employee turnover ratio and retain you best employee and help you to create a best brand in employment creation and retention among your competitors.

ADVAMPS HR for SMEs Package Includes

Polices & Procedures

HR policies for managing employee and employment procedures in your organization. Like employee behavior’s at work including smoking, telecommunication, general & mandatory safety.

Documentation & support

All needed legal documentation and support for handling employment in India.


All needed documents for keeping a track on your employees & HR development right from joining to exit.

Recruitment &

Hunting the right talent for your start-up by defining job descriptions and duties, and selecting the qualified candidates by strong and effective selection process, and more.

& Benefits

Fixed Salary vs Target based salary?, salary vs wages? Vacation, sick days, insurance, time-off, incentive & bonus and more. Here's what you need to know about compensation and benefits for your employees.


Managing employee monthly salary, performance based incentives & payment issues, This includes Statutory pay calculations, salary slip, paying to employee’s,Completed and filed returns..

Employee Management

Performance appraisal, providing employee feedback, retaining your top employees, setting goals for employees, delegating, outsourcing, and more.

Employee Insurance

Get details about right choice of insurance for you e to offer your employees, like health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and many more.


If you need to terminate an employee, you'll want to do it with dignity and professionalism. Get advice & support on employment termination.


Get a complete access & assessment to our IT products for HRD like HRMIS, mass mailing, employee notification system, and many more.