HR for Startup’s

“Concentrate on your
core business &
achieve the desired goal"

Building an effective team is essential for every start-up to grow and achieve their desired goal & mission, but when founder’ double up as HR manager they end up investing a considerable amount of time & effort in building an employee base, leading to lower productivity. 

ADVAMPS HR for Startup’s allows you to concentrate on your core business to develop your start-up and we will create effective employee base for you.

ADVAMPS HR for Startup’s Package Includes

Polices &

HR policies for managing employee and employment procedures in your organization.


Performance appraisal, providing employee feedback, retaining your top employees, setting goals for employees, delegating, outsourcing, and more.


All needed documents for keeping a track on your employees & HR development Right from joining to exit.

Recruitment & Selection

Hunting the right talent for your start-up by defining job descriptions and duties, and selecting the qualified candidates by strong and effective selection process, and more

Compensation & Benefits

Fixed Salary vs Target based salary? Vacation, sick days, time-off, incentive & bonus and more. Here's what you need to know about compensation and benefits for your employees.


Managing employee monthly salary, performance based incentives & payment issues, This includes Statutory pay calculations, salary slip, paying to employee’s, Completed and filed returns.

Legal Documentation & support

All needed legal documentation and support for handling employment in India.